Classic Accessories
Integrates their B2B Site Through Malibu-Connect

In order to better support their Dealers and bring relief to the Customer Service team, Classic Accessories recently chose Malibu Commerce’s Malibu-Connect to synchronize their Microsoft Dynamics NAV backend with their Magento B2B site. M-Connect provides a seamless connection to Classic’s ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing their Dealers the ability to quickly check order status, view available inventory, place orders and drop ship to their customers.

We wanted to enhance our customer service level by providing immediate information to our dealers with a fully integrated B2B site, so we selected Malibu Commerce’s Malibu-Connect. Malibu-Connect allows our B2B site to provide dealers with instant stock and sales order information directly from our backend database by simply logging into their online account any time they need to.Erin Magee, VP of Sales, ClassicAccessories

Account information at your fingertips
Malibu Commerce set up customer information in an easy to access page on the Classic Accessories website, providing key information quickly and directly to their dealers. An easy view of Customer invoices, account balance information, and statements are all available to dealers on the B2B site. This immediately reduced the amount of phone calls and inquiries both accounting and customer service were receiving, and allows the dealers to be self-sufficient, which they have really embraced.

Backorder Stock Availability Date
Classic Accessories’ dealers need quick answers on stock availability in order to be efficient in their daily operations. Before Malibu-Connect, it was a long process to contact Customer Service in order to check stock or inquire on back order dates. There was a lot of back and forth between the dealers and the customer service team. Now, with the M-Connect integration, dealers can log on to the B2B site and know immediately if the stock level is zero. They can then automatically generate a backorder that gives them an estimated in-stock date. This helps to better plan their own inventory by knowing when that back ordered stock would be arriving.

Eliminating manual Sales Order entry
Malibu-Connect helped bring relief to Classic Accessories Customer Service team by eliminating the manual entry of sales orders into their Microsoft Dynamics NAV backend. Dealer orders that used to come in via email, fax and phone, are now being entered by those dealers directly into the B2B portal. This saves time for everyone!

Drop Shipments
Classic Accessories needed the capability of handling standard warehouse shipments as well as drop shipments. Classic only allows drop shipments in specific case packs, a rule designated within the item record within the Classic Accessories ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Malibu-Connect allowed the drop ship order entry process to be simple through it’s seamless connection from NAV to Classic’s Magento website. M-Connect carried the rule within the NAV system over to the B2B site to present dealers with the item case pack selections during order entry.

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