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Utilizing functionality in both your webshop and Dynamics NAV, Malibu-Connect is the ultimate Microsoft Dynamics e-commerce platform. Malibu-Connect will seamlessly and securely transfer orders, shipment information, inventory availability, customer information, product and pricing data back and forth between your ERP and Magento or Shopify databases.


Malibu-Connect is innovative middleware which automatically synchronizes your webshop with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Utilizing the open source capabilities of Magento and the power of Dynamics NAV, you have the reassurance of knowing your back office operations are solid while maintaining the creativity you need for your web store(s) to reach your customers. With both B2B and B2C functionality, Malibu-Connect has the ability to reach all of your customers via the web.

eCommerce Integrator


eCommerce Platform

Magento Commerce is the fastest growing web shop platform with close to 30% market share worldwide. With over 240,000 web stores, a 60% increase over last year, it offers functionality, performance and scalability for any size company. Magento has the ability for anyone to start and maintain a web shop. Open source and easily modifiable, Magento will present your brand the way you want, and provide your customers a quick and easy way of finding the products they need to order.


eCommerce Platform

Shopify eCommerce is growing by leaps and bounds. With over 600,000 business websites and more than a million active users, Shopify offers a fully customizable website and online store that is perfect for any size company.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP business solution empowers your people to be more productive and enables your systems to adapt as you grow while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in an ever-changing world.

Other Capabilities

Do even more with Partner Integrations and dozens of add-in applications from AppSource. Developed by Microsoft and their partners, they extend what you can do with Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, and IT.


Accept payments from all of your sales channels with ChargeLogic.
PCI Validated. PCI Certified.

Supply Chain Management

When you add Lanham Associates to your NAV ERP system, you are receiving the highest standard of Supply Chain solutions. Each of Lanham’s Supply Chain products has attained the CfMD certification.

Drop Ship Capability

Easily Drop-Ship orders direct from your suppliers to your Customer’s doorstep.

Sales Tax Management

Use Avalara to manage multiple tax rates across states, counties and cities.

Business Analytics

Many BI tools are available to you to help you analyze your business the way you need to.

SKU Management

With the Pebblestone Fashion NAV solution, manage your inventory with a convenient color/size matrix, simplifying SKU management.