Gives You The Power of Magento for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Full Integration

Malibu-Connect is innovative middleware which automatically synchronizes Magento with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Utilizing the open source capabilities of Magento and the power of Dynamics NAV back end, you have all the creativity you need for your web store(s) to reach your customers, plus the reassurance of knowing your back office operations are solid. With both B2B and B2C functionality, M-Connect has the ability to reach all your customers via the web.


Why Malibu-Connect?

You want your data within reach. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you have come to expect it at your fingertips. We get that. With Malibu-Connect, you are able to preserve the visibility and security you are used to experiencing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With a rock solid audit trail, it’s easy to find your data. And, it’s easy to prove, diagnose and fix problems without additional support

Seamlessly Connect Customized NAV & Magento

Malibu Commerce is the only eCommerce middleware provider with the ability to handle customizations on BOTH Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento. Experience the same flexibility online that customers already expect from Dynamics NAV.

Malibu-Connect Pays for Itself and Keeps on Giving

Simply install Malibu-Connect for Dynamics NAV and your online orders will go straight to your business system, right where you want them. Dramatically reduce order processing costs to boost your bottom line. Synch vital information you need for comprehensive online business.

Really Smart Support for Really Fast Implementations

When we say fast we mean it. Malibu Commerce knows the quickest way to get you up and running with the least amount of headaches. Our experts have 40+ years of combined experience with Dynamics NAV and Magento for rapid resolution to issues.

Making Your ROI Pitch as Simple as ABC


Malibu-Connect provides the security you want and connects the systems you have come to rely upon.


Malibu-Connect will fully synchronize your sales orders, inventory data, and customer information between Magento and Dynamics NAV.


Whether you’re a B2B, B2C or both, the name of the game is sales. And when an order comes in, you need to be ready to respond. In one portal, you are able to see how the order first came in, how it was paid, how it was prepared, and how it was shipped.


Malibu-Connect was designed to rely on the core processes of Microsoft NAV, so modifications are kept to a minimum without sacrificing functionality. Your customers can feel secure knowing that Malibu-Connect fully monitors synchronization rules between the two platforms.


Keep your existing price rules and tier pricing structure in place by synchronizing them between Magento and Dynamics NAV.


Malibu-Connect changes to fit your business process, adapting to your current Magento and NAV systems. Malibu-Connect also plays well with many best-of-breed 3rd Party applications, bridging the gap between many of your essential data sources.

Malibu-Connect is all about making connections We even put it in our name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By extending the standard NAV web services and the Magento API’s, M-Connect seamlessly and securely transfers orders, shipment information, inventory availability, customer information, product and pricing data back and forth between your ERP and Magneto databases.
Yes, with unique needs for each type of webshop visitor we offer the ability to both control who has access to which site as well as supporting customer specific needs such as pricing, inventory availability, etc.
Community and Enterprise Versions.

  • For Community 1.6.2 and newer
  • For Enterprise 1.12 and newer

We generally recommend to upgrade to the latest version of Magento.

MS Dynamics NAV

  • Version 3.7 and newer
  • Classic and Role Tailored clients

Contact us directly if we don’t have your NAV product version listed. We are working to expand our offerings and should be able to accommodate your needs.

We recognize that not every database is identical; in fact some have major modifications that need to be taken into consideration with a web shop implementation. We will consult with you and your NAV partner to ensure your modifications are accounted for and will work smoothly with M-Connect.
Modifications are in general do not effect M-Connect. To ensure that there will be a smooth implementation of M-Connect the integration will be fully tested prior to installation.