Want an Irresistible Magnet for Your Online Business? Connect Magento + Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

Malibu Commerce

    Posted by Harry Hidding, President of Malibu Commerce An analysis of eCommerce sites in the top 100 thousand Alexa websites reveals that Magento is by far the leading platform. More merchants choose Magento than any other eCommerce platform in the world. A recent survey shows that Magento serves nearly 1/3 of the market. And did you know that Magento has the fastest payback period (5 months) of any ecommerce platform? As customers often put it, they’re getting a Tier 1 solution without the Tier 1 price-tag. Magento Enterprise Edition occupies a unique position: they offer enterprise-level functionality, flexibility, extensibility, and performance, but with a cost of ownership that’s closer to the mid-market solutions than it is to traditional Enterprise commerce competitors. ECommerce is no longer strictly a B2C play anymore. In fact, US B2B is more than twice the size of B2C according to Forrester Research (US Online Retail Forecast 2011-2016). The numbers: B2B – 780 billion vs.B2C – 340 billion. By 2019 the numbers are predicted to grow to 1.1 trillion in B2B business. With 74% of buyers researching half or more of their work purchases online, it is more important than ever before to select the right platform to grow your business. There are several metrics commonly used to describe the performance of online stores – page views per second; orders per hour or day and concurrent site visitors. Magento Enterprise scales well on all the metrics even with sites that have large catalog sizes. Some of our customers have catalogs as large as several million products. Magento Enterprise is supporting 4,300 requests per second and more than half a million orders per day. if you configure Magento correctly, it will scale, and it will perform. Speaking of performance, we combined the best of breed eCommerce site with the most popular ERP on the planet when we integrated Magento to Microsoft Dynamics NAV with M-Connect. The typical Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer is mid-market and has between 10 to 150 NAV users. The flexibility that NAV offers gives the ability to tailor the software to work just the way they need it to in order to differentiate their business. Given the uniqueness of NAV, Malibu Commerce saw the need to offer an easy-to-use connection that synchronizes your back office ERP and your online business to create a seamless environment that boosts business. No more duplicate, error-prone entries, trying to keep both your online business and your back office ERP in sync. Malibu Commerce created M-Connect to allow you to schedule synchronizations, field map to Magento, use built-in workflows and gain visibility with a robust audit trail (so you always know what happened and when it happened). If you choose best-of-breed Magento eCommerce and best of breed Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, as Malibu Commerce offers a proven solution that connects the two. All that is left for you to do is to keep your customers filling their carts to the brim again and again.     About Malibu Commerce: Malibu Commerce is a company devoted to empowering Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP users with a bullet-proof connection between “best of breed” Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, the most popular software on the planet. www.malibucommerce.com