How to magnify your E-Commerce sales

Malibu Commerce

Regardless what stage your business might be in, here’s a few helpful tips to magnify your E-Commerce sales.

Say Cheese!
  • Make sure that your product is presented in an appealing way. Maybe invest in a high resolution camera, or solicit the work of a professional photographer to make sure your product is displayed precisely the way you want it.

Go Mobile

  • With mobile devices being so widespread, offering a mobile platform or app to purchase your goods just makes sense. The potential headache of becoming mobile compatible could be well worth converting mobile traffic into sales!

Show Off!

  • Display your satisfied customer base by posting customer reviews! You can provide incentives to your customers to leave reviews with monthly giveaway entries, discounts etc. The excellent customer service your team provides can also serve as a marketing tool. 

Diverse Payment options 

  • Allowing customers to break up their purchase into scheduled installments allows for more flexibility. Accepting multiple forms of payment is another great way to remove any barriers for potential clients. 

Stand by your product

  • Offering a money back guarantee shows potential customers that you guarantee your product. Standing by your product and guaranteeing customer satisfaction, could make customers more inclined to make a risk free purchase.

Social media

  • Try increasing or creating a social media presence! With so many unique social media platforms to choose from, explore the idea of advertising or building a following to expand your companies reach. 
Keep customers in the loop
  • Newsletters are a great way to keep current clients and potential ones, up to date with your newest products and services. Not only do newsletters showcase your products and updates, but it also shows that your company is active and engaged.
Implementing these straightforward strategies can ensure that your business is not only competitive, but innovative in the ever evolving E-Commerce market!