Ecommerce Design Mistakes that Could Be Driving Away Your Revenue

Malibu Commerce

One of the most important marketing initiatives for your company is creating a website that attracts the visitors you want to reach. By paying attention and understandingthe way people view, browse and use your site, you can create a site that attracts more traffic and conversions. Below we have outlined some of the top mistakes you may be makingwhen designing a website.
  1. Are You Clearly Stating Your Value Proposition?
 Have you ever landed on a site and had trouble figuring out what it is they are selling and why you need it? Developing a clear Value Proposition is essential to your success online. Wikipedia defines a Value Proposition as a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged and a belief from the customer that value will be delivered and experienced. Astrong value proposition is your opportunity to persuade your customers as to why they should buy from yourather than buying from a competitor. Many ecommerce sites suffer from poor value propositions. Note that your value proposition is notwhat you do, but what benefit your customer receives by using your products or services. If I can’t figure out what you are selling and how it will benefit me in the first 8 seconds of landing on your site, I’m likely to leave. A good value proposition contains:
  • A headline with clear language as to why an item is worth purchasing. It’s not just a slogan, but rather, apromise of value such as,”Connect your Magento website with Dynamics NAV ERP and seamlessly join two powerful solutions.”
  • Copy that explains why your product or service is different. What are you offering that others don’t?
  • Use images that create a desire for the product or service.
  • Evidence that backs up your promise of value. (A customer quote, a case study, statistics, guarantees,)
  • People may not know why they need your product until you tell them. Be clear about what benefit they will experience to help persuade them.
  1. Do Your Product Descriptions Convert?
Product descriptions are extremely important for an online business. However, often webshop owners will include or remove them carelessly. Instead of using the stock manufacturers description, edit the description to be more specific as to what your customer might be searching for. For example, if you are selling copy paper, lead with, “Never run out of paper before your big presentation again. Sign up for our monthly delivery”.
  1. Are You Using High-Quality Images?
If you are selling products online, your customers can’t pick them up in their hands. If you offer them high-quality images, they can imagine how it feels to have them in their hands. And, if your products are dependent on looks, the visuals you use are enormously important. Heat Mapping software can reveal to you what images are attracting attention so you can learn how your buyers are reacting to your images.
  1. Pay Attention to Visual Hierarchy
You don’t need to be a web guru to understand the importance of a visual hierarchy. When you navigate a website that has a good visual hierarchy, you quickly figure out that the orange accent color indicates that it a clickable link. If your site is consistent, your visitors will understand how to get around. Make use of the fact that our eyes are drawn to larger objects that stand out from the rest of the page, so make your important elements larger. 5. Does Your Site Convey Trust? The big box eCommerce sites don’t have to prove that they can be trusted because their brand recognition is already strong. Customers don’t necessarily believe that you are trustworthy (even if you are). Your site has to show that you have a record for delivering on your promises. Let someone like one of your satisfied customers speak for you. Think about what concerns your customer may have when shopping from an unknown store. Give them real-world case studies. If you have been featured in notable publications in your industry, prospects will respect that, so it is very much worth noting. A recognizable press mention will go a long way in letting customers know that you’re for real.   Malibu Commerceis a company devoted to empowering Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP users with a bullet-proof connection between “best of breed” Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, the most popular software on the planet.